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MeteoGalicia publish static maps of recent executions and time series graphs for certain places from Numerical predictions. For Advanced Clients performs postprocesing generating specific data.

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Friday, 06 August 2010 12:37

Given the practical nature of the project, the results will be implemented immediately in MeteoGalicia website, so that the Department of environment Planning and Infrastructure of local government can meet the implementation of the INSPIRE directive establishing a spatial data infrastructure for meteorological and oceanographic information. This spatial data infrastructure will consist mainly of services as closely as possible to the standards proposed by OGC so that can be branded and used by other institutions, organizations or projects that need to develop their own products

Moreover, spatial data infrastructure with the applications provide significant improvements made in the publication and dissemination of information that will impact directly on the extensive use being made today of meteorological information by support systems environmental management. As examples include applications to wind farms or polluting effects estimation depending on the weather.

In addition, as part of the results of the project is expected to obtain components for adapting software displays and existing geographic information servers. Since free software is used, provided that adjustments are made shall be integrated into displays and original servers. In this way they will be publicly available and can be used by meteorological agencies or sites that handle such information. Therefore, the results of the project may be potentially transferred to other similar bodies at regional, national and international level.

Other transferable results will be research contributions that are made for the convergence of GIS standard formats and protocols usual in communication of scientific information.

Finally, the use of the WPS protocol will allow a better understanding of the asset by the teams participating in the project and in particular by CESGA. Although this project will be implemented meteorological data processing, the WPS is a fairly generic protocol that allows its application to all types of spatial calculations and even non-space calculations. The work involved with this protocol will help the evaluation of the possibility of implantation of the WPS service at CESGA, as a means of access to their computing resources by different research groups and companies that run daily calculations on its supercomputers.

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