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The overall objective is to encourage and promote proper management, dissemination and use of meteorological and oceanographic information in Galicia for all types of users: citizens, researchers, scientists, companies and professionals for whom the weather is a relevant factor.

API for querying the numerical forecast data of MeteoGalicia
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Thursday, 12 January 2012 14:34
This section is obsolete, for last news for MeteoSIX API, visit offcial MeteoSIX webpage in MeteoGalicia


The MeteoSIX API is a web service that gives access to the results of the different numerical forecast models executed daily by MeteoGalicia.

The goal of this API is to facilitate the querying of the big amount of existing meteorological and oceanographic forecast data presenting it in a structured and organized way. The meteorological and oceanographic API may be useful for those who want to develop custom meteorological applications using those data, as well as for those end users that need that data for different kinds of analysis and processing.

It's highly recommended to check the MeteoSIX API users manual (available also in Galician and Spanish) before using it. This document describes how it works and includes different examples.



The API is public and free to use. For using it, you must apply for an user key in offcial MeteoSIX webpage in MeteoGalicia.

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