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The overall objective is to encourage and promote proper management, dissemination and use of meteorological and oceanographic information in Galicia for all types of users: citizens, researchers, scientists, companies and professionals for whom the weather is a relevant factor.

MeteoSIX for mobile devices
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Friday, 13 January 2012 09:35
This section is obsolete, for last news of MeteoSIX, visit official MeteoSIX webpage in MeteoGalicia


MeteoGalicia, along with UDC Computer architecture Group, USC Systems Laboratory and CESGA publish georeferenced access system to the numerical prediction, both meteorological and oceanographic and an application for mobile devices, MeteoSIX Mobile, which allow customizing access to such predictions. Thus, users can make predictions from their mobile devices for anywhere from Galicia to suit your needs.

MeteoSIX Mobile is available for the operating system Android and iOS (iPhone). The application can be used in three languages ​​(Galician, Spanish and English) selectable through the menu. The data are obtained through MeteoSIX API and come directly from the results of MeteoGalicia numerical prediction software without human supervision. You can find more information in the help guide which is included in the application.

Android application is available for free in Google Play and also .apk file can be downloaded directly.

iOS (Apple mobile operating system) application is available for free in App Store.

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