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MeteoGalicia provides information on its website. Maps and comments are published from Operational predictions. Observations are based on "real time" and historical data.

Project Objectives
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Friday, 06 August 2010 12:31

The overall objective is to encourage and promote the proper management, dissemination and use of meteorological and oceanographic information in Galicia for all types of users: citizens, researchers, scientists, companies and professionals for whom the weather is a factor. This will be achieved by creating a GIS based on the analysis of applications and adaptations of OGC standards to weather data and will result in the following objectives:

1. Development of an SDI of meteorological and oceanographic information:

The SDI will consist of components of the three layers of architecture proposed by the OGC and will include non OGC services as well: OpenNDAP (to download raw data stored in formats Common Data Model, CDM) and NetCDF subset (for space-discharge clippings temporary). Adaptation of OGC protocols to the needs of the meteorological information is a process still underway. This project will be part of that line of work and an important objective will be to follow and participate in the DWG Meteorology and related projects.

The IDE will offer the following:

- Server comments: providing access to the observations recorded by different types of sensors. It will implement the SOS and SAS standards.

- Geodata Server: providing access to coverage and entities with weather information. Interfaces. It will implement the WFS, WCS, OPeNDAP and NetCDG subset.

- Geoprocessing server: providing access to processing capabilities of meteorological data in the SDI. It will implement the WPS interface.

- Map Server: It will allow the generation of geo-referenced maps with different types of system information. : It will implement the WMS interface.

- Catalogue: gives access to metadata about the information services available in the SDI. : It will implement the standard CS-W.

2. Development of a WEB GeoPortal allowing integrated access to meteorological and oceanographic MeteoGalicia information:

- Map Viewer that allows:

* georeferenced display of different operational forecast maps (general, maritime by locality medium term).

* Location of observation stations and consultation of current values, including the lightning detection.

* Access to NWP data with three levels of complexity:

- Bottom line: you can click anywhere on the map and a summary of "best" numerical predictions for that particular item.

- Medium: You can see these numerical models available and see the values of the predictions of each model for each location and data.

- Advanced: you can view maps and georeferenced NWP model selection, and the instant temporal variable of interest. Allow the display to animation mode predictions for successive time instants.

- User registration so that each user can:

* Establish places and variables of interest: when will automatically log the data for those places in numeric and graphic.

* Subscribe to automatically receive e-mail requesting information and alerts when you select variables exceed certain thresholds.

- Application version for mobile devices with the most important features.

3. Implementation of internal management applications:

- Application to assist in mapping operational forecasting to allow more automation in their creation and georeferencing. Should facilitate the construction through a layered system such that data from more generic layers are inherited by more specific depending on the region of influence of data and avoiding duplication in data entry related to the same region. Georeferencing of maps provided, for example, the digital media integration and display together with other layers.

- Management System numerical predictions to facilitate data throughput monitor server computing and the publication and send alerts in case of failure.

- Monitoring the implementation of the geoprocessing implemented.

4. Validation, testing and quality control and implementation of system components on CESGA and MeteoGalicia nodes.

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