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This project aims to provide an adequate organization, management and dissemination of meteorological and oceanographic information in Galicia in order to enable and promote better use of it in all fields of use.

Project Partners
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Monday, 23 August 2010 09:26

MeteoGalicia (http://www.meteogalicia.es) is the service of the Department of Environment, Land and Infrastructure of the Xunta de Galicia local government, responsible for the development and dissemination of weather information on Galicia: publication of information on the web, with services for dissemination to the media and other users, and maintenance of infrastructure for development and management. The Environment team of Galicia, comprising members of MeteoGalicia (Team METEO) also participated in over 20 R & D + I in the environmental field in the last 6 years. Therefore, METEO is responsible for the management of environmental monitoring networks (network of air quality, water, weather network and is deeply knowledgeable about the technologies they develop internationally for this purpose.

CESGA (http://www.cesga.es) is a research and computer services and communication center that has participated in more than 90 projects of R + D + I in the past 5 years, most related to distributed computing and GIS. CESGA GIS team works in GIS since 1994, and has extensive experience in testing technologies, treatment and processing of georeferenced information. In the field of internet map server CESGA pioneered putting on the network these services since year 2000. Sample of these projects are the mapping server SIGREMAR for Marine Research Center Coron (2001), the map of researchers from Spain or CINDOC GISSTI to do CSIC (2002), the GIS module Silvanus Forest Observatory, the Observatory Business Flooring Galicia / Norte de Portugal (2004) or the map of Surnames of Galicia (2006) for the Galician Language Institute.

The UDC team belongs to the Computer Architecture Group, GAC (Group G000265 of the UDC, (http://gac.des.udc.es). The GAC, in the last five years, attracted about 2.5 million euros in R + D + I, both public and private, and published more research papers, 35 of them in JCR journals. His research interests focus on high performance computing and GIS. In this area the UDC team, consisting of 5 degrees in Computer Science (3 doctors), has experience in the design of free GIS tools applied to various fields of social interest (urban planning and rural development, tourism and heritage and environmental management), mainly in collaboration with government and forming interdisciplinary teams

The USC team belongs to the Systems Laboratory (LBS, group GI-1983 in the catalog of the USC), (http://www.usc.es/iit/lbs/areas.htm) located at the Institute Technological Research and consists of about 40 researchers (14 of them PhDs. Among his research topics are GIS technologies, the automation of ocean dynamics and fisheries applications based on remote sensing or measurement system development in-situ oceanographic data. Among its areas of activity in recent years include the environment, services and mobility solutions, natural resource management and civil protection and emergency management. In the past five years, the LBS delivered more than 1.5 million Euros in R & D competitive and nearly 2.5 million in contracts with companies and government agencies. He also published 75 scientific articles, 60 of them in JCR journals.

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